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Fireside Chat with CEO & Chief Strategist of Fresh Agriculture Technologies

“An Entrepreneurs Journey”

This fireside chat is with two Serbian nationals already making living part of the year in the USA where their investors are and in Serbia. These two guys are young but they are already making waves in the Agritech space, they are truly remarkable as you will find out for yourself in the interview.

Mihajlo Milenkovic
Fresh Agriculture Technologies – Mihajlo Milencovic Chief strategist

The Business in Bare Feet team met David and Mihajlo in Greece last year at the World future Argritech Competition and these young guys had received C round funding from angel investors and were spending their time between the USA and Serbia. They had one the USA pitching competition to be chosen to pitch at the world championship.

They released the first version of Map My Apple Application on iOS and Android they have drunk from the fire hose so to speak in terms of moving quickly and getting out an MVP Minimum Viable Product. So they can certainly speak from experience. With a global team, they have their hands full and share some really valuable learnings.

Here some of what we cover in this chat:

  • The problem you go out to solve is often not the end result
  • Building a team
  • Working in multiple cultures and language barriers
  • What has helped them in their journey
  • Becoming a corporate refugee
  • What is the real role of a CEO
  • Building a global brand
  • The Challenges of being an Agtech entrepreneur
  • Does reading books really help and so much more…

On their journey, they have some brilliant nuggets to share with people starting out.

Enjoy the journey!

Here are the 8 Tips & Takeaways

As you will see when you listen to the fireside chat that is where the real gold is at!

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