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Fireside Chat with CEO & Founder Justin Falk of TalentVine

“An Entrepreneurs Journey” with Special Guest Justin Falk

A Zimbabwean building his empire in Brisbane Australia. We met Justin at the beginning of his journey 4 years ago as he brought his idea to life and created TalentVine. His inspiration came from not wanting to work for someone else and find a problem that would make the world a better place through his innovation. However, Justine does not advise that alone to be the fuel that makes you leave your job to change the world. Now, since COVID 19 he as the CEO has had to make some very difficult decisions which you will hear about in the video.

Here is a sneak peek of what Justin shares with the team on this Fireside chat:

1. COVID – communication around changes to the business and the challenge of the emotional bonds you make with your team
2. Being the original founder, needed to pivot the offering to make it more palatable to the right market
3. Tied into 2 – rediscovering the market and having to split the offerings
4. Investment – the original investor saw potential in the service as it helped them personally – that kick-started the investment journey. The investor was bought in already.
5. People are willing to help but you have to reach out
6. Entrepreneurs are often not natural-born leaders and this is a hard skill to learn building a start-up
7. There was a discussion about vesting schedules or lack of for potential exits – etc

Enjoy the chat!

A few years back Mark and Jono were in texas where they did there the first interview with Justine right at the beginning of his journey as an entrepreneur.

It is always great to have these ongoing interviews with entrepreneurs as you see them grow. Now is a unique time in history with COVID 19 that no one could have predicted. We love that we have the first interview with Justine after his first seed round of funding. It’s interesting to hear Justin’s story over time.

Check out the video of Justine 8 months into TalentVine.

Tips & Takeaways

We like to put together some tips and takeaways and here we have a 3 min video to share some things that stood out for us. But as usual, it is always better to hear it from the horse’s mouth so to speak, by watching the video yourself. Justine is so honest in this interview it’s so humbling.


The Journey Never Ends…

We hope that you gathered some value from those who have travelled the ever-shifting sands of Business before you and learning from there successes and their hardships. Something that I took away from this entire fireside chat is the reality ith COVID has really hit hard but also what Justine said was take care of yourself and your health because when you go through a massive growth spirt it’s much for than growing pains when building a startup it can be life-threatening so self-management is more important than the management of the business, so the journey never really ends it’s a constant conscious effort.

The other great takeaways for me was a relief for me to hear as a cofounder and that is;

“Entrepreneurs are often not natural born leaders and this is a hard skill to learn while bulding a startup” – Justin Falk

We would love to hear what your takeaway was, so remember to leave a comment.

Daily motivation
Quote by WInston Churchill

As the CEO greatness come’s from being there for your people in good times and bad he knows what it takes to make it happen, to pivot and be divirse because that is what it takes to become and entrepreneur and build something that matters.

To Wrap It All Up…

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