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Fireside Chat with Ryan Norris CEO of Vayeron on “An Entrepreneurs Journey”

An Entrepreneurs Journey with Ryan Norris CEO Vayeron and OEM Expert

The team were thrilled to have Ryan join us for a fireside chat last week from Mackay Australia. This guy is one talented being as are all the people we interview here, however, the absolute drive and conviction of Ryans journey really stood out. Ryan is a good friend and we have seen his phenomenal journey from the early beginnings at MVP stage. So listening to his story is as he tells in this interview is really astounding and really make you come back to reality when dealing with problems.

COVID 19 & Using It To Your Advantage

Ryan talks about his recent journey doing business internationally and having to quarantine when coming back to Australia from being overseas. He talks about how he used it as a reset of the mind. 

There are a number of takeaway gems that come out of this interview from listening to the full interview and here is just some great insights:

  •  There must be better ways – how he discover the problem and brought it into reality.
  • Really know the value of the problem you are solving.
  • Keep going – If it fails just find a way to make it work.
  • Addressing the early adopters
  • How to found customers to create momentum.
  • Take advantage of the disruption
  • Manufacturing in Australia and the future of manufacturing.
  • How having total conviction in what you are doing will get you through the tuff times.

Listen to the full interview here:

Tips & Takeaways

We put together a three-minute video of snippets of tips and takeaways for you to think about, but as we are all so different in our needs we tune into what is important to us so listening to the fireside chat is worth the time.

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