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Fireside Chat with Melanie Jane Wood from Speaking Styles#16.9.20

Be Seen & Heard

Join us to chat about why now is the best time to be seen and heard with Melanie. The team at Business in Bare Feet, on a journey with Melanie and her story as an entrepreneur. You will be totally shocked by what she confesses in the Fireside chat! And also she talks about how she overcame adversity, many times over. She has a bit of a shocking story to share with you, that I am sure you can probably relate, I certainly did!

Having known Melanie now a few years back at the beginning of her entrepreneur’s journey I have watched her go from strength to strength.

Curiosity & Willingness to help others

Having the Willingness to help others is her core desire. I watched her just go leaps and bounds surpassing all expectations and overcoming adversity like it was just another hill to climb. Melanie is the curious type and someone who will just go for it! Just to find out what could happen. That is the spirit of an entrepreneur.

What surprises me the most with Melanie is that when you give people connections, it’s not often they follow through because they don’t know them or they feel uncomfortable, or it’s just too hard. But Melanie consistently jumped on opportunities, grabbed them and ran with it, if it didn’t work she would try something else. Her curiosity is the true spirit of an entrepreneur that will always take you places.

Melanie is a passionate redhead that has nothing ordinary about her; she is a force of her own. She’s like the gentle nudge you need to get stuff done, then you look around and think, what just happened, what was that?

A public speaking expert, Mentor and now Co-Author of a book coming out The Change Makers so don’t miss that.

Soon Melanie will be on the road again and travel regional Qld Austalia workshops with small towns in Regional QLD small businesses to help people get out there and be seen and heard.

In this fireside chat we cover some of the following:

  • Why being seen and heard now more than ever is important
  • The art of the pivot
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • How disruption can force you to make the change
  • Becoming a first-time author
  • How she got started how she took “the leap” into entrepreneurship
  • The mindset of becoming a speaker and entrepreneur

Tips & Takeaways

There is so much to take away from this fireside chat.  So with that, I hope you enjoy it and take the time to watch the full interview as you will gather some gold that is just for you. I find it’s always best to take the time to listen and gather your own takeaways because you will always hear something different. We put together three-minute video tips and takeaways for you, but it is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you will learn from the full chat.

Make sure you watch to the end so that you can connect with Melanie and her contact information will be there for you.

How we can help you cross the desert of the ever-shifting sands of business…

We are here to help you take that journey into entrepreneurship. Perhaps you’re already doing it but hallucinations of water keep appearing and… nothing is there. Maybe you need to pivot because there are no customers and you keep taking the longest and hardest route. Let our team guide you on this journey.

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