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The Greatest Barrier To A Successful Business – Its Not What You Think!

Another Mentoring Moment

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Jono Brake our executive coach goes live every Tuesday on Instagram for Mentoring Moments to share some bite-size moments to help you pull down the barriers and create success in business.

Since the beginning of March 2020 throughout COVID 19, Jono has been going live on Facebook but the team thought it would be fun to involve you and make it more interactive.  However, with Instagram Live, you can request to join Jono and we can call in mentors to join.

Join Jono or one of the team on Instagram live on Tuesday each week, so we invite you to come and join each Tuesday.

Here is a Mentoring Moment for you to digest for today about building a successful business.

The secrets to building a successful Business

There are so many “secrets” to building a successful business.

  • The right business model
  • A product everyone wants
  • A sexy marketing program
  • Slick customer service
  • Internal processes that lead to quality output at competitive prices

… the list could go one of course.

Each week we run a Fireside chat with an entrepreneur from somewhere in the world and some really great discussion on what success is in business.

We’ve had a common theme coming through from all of our Fireside Chat Entrepreneurs (if you haven’t heard the interviews yet you need to head on over to our Youtube Channel to check them out)

Check Out The Latest Fireside Chat

Get a Grip

The real success in business is not getting a grip on your business but it’s getting a handle on yourself.

This week’s mentoring moment we had Melanie Wood from Speaking Styles on giving us some clues to this. Melanie trains people in the art of personal communication, how to present themselves better.

Melanie, like many of our entrepreneurs, said that the key issue is not so much what we are communicating but who is doing the communicating. She explained that much of her work in building confidence into an individual’s communication is firstly coaching them to get through the mess they call a headspace and meet them where they are in that space. See the interview for more insights. (see above)

quote of the day

What are some of these personal headspace issues?

  1. What if no one is interested?
  2. What if my product is not good enough?
  3. No one cares anyway so why bother?
  4. What if they reject me?

Fear of failure, perhaps rejection, not feeling loved, I am unworthy and even of ultimately being a runaway success can plague most entrepreneurs and can stop them from achieving true success.

So What Can You Do?

  1. Know what you want
  2. Delve into what might be stopping you getting it
  3. Choose to think differently – it’s mostly a script anyway – change the script
  4. Stay open, especially to criticism when it comes – its how you grow best
  5. Make necessary adjustments along the way
  6. Talk to someone about your internal challenges

Finally, You Have The Controls

Don’t let your mindset stop you, because remember it’s just a story (fictional story) you told yourself. Find some to talk to about your business. Perhaps your business is blowing it up in the startup space. Take action today and let’s see what results we can help you achieve. You have the controls.

Our team is here to help you make jum the barriers so that you can create success and move around the barriers that hold you back. Join us today!

Jono Brake
Mentoring moments

As always enjoy the journey!

Jonathan Brake (Jono)

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