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Sweet LOLLY!! Innovative Hacks with Nomadic Daniel

Fireside chat with Innovation expert and Founder Daniel Johnsen


A Global Innovation Expert Gives us a Lolly…

Innovation expert world gallivanter and entrepreneur Daniel Johnsen shares his latest startup “Lolly” a Kids storytelling enabler for friends and family. He also gives out some sweet hacks in this chat that are not to be missed. When I say sweet they are like super sweet! He also shares a bit about his story and why he’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs globally.

We took the opportunity to grab Daniel as he begins lockdown in his hotel room in Perth. This guy is a hard one to catch as his travels and works from anywhere.

Sharing sweet hacks is Daniels thing. He loves to give value to others and help them solve problems. Giving value is almost like a mantra for him and he asks you to do the same in all that you do for others.

What is in it for me?

In this chat, Daniel shares one of his latest ideas that he is bringing into fruition after tackling a difficult situation personal situation. This is how the best ideas come to fruition is finding a need, Right!

Sometimes in life, you get thrown a curveball. In this fireside chat, you can hear about Daniels recent life curveball and how he turned in into a business. It’s all about identifying a need. How did it drive him to want to solve the problem for others in this some emotionally difficult time of a loved one passing on?

As an entrepreneur, he (Daniel) loves to explore and travel. So when the team at Business in Bare Feet first met Daniel he was travelling the world facilitating startup weekend.

Creating something that helps improve someone’s life is what an entrepreneur does. Making it better, quicker, time-saving ever money saving is why we do what we do. It’s just adding value. That’s all you need to do. FIND THE NEED.

We are here to help you thrive…

Daniel is also part of our team of global mentors and he’s always willing to help.

If you have not already joined us over at our community come and see our events, and get daily support. We give you the opportunity to connect with others globally in a like-minded space. We are all about helping you navigate the ever-shifting sands of business with those who have travelled and navigated them before you.


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