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Get Savvy With SavvyScripts Founder From Down Under

Fireside Chat with Founder Miki Isaac Boyd and Live Mentoring Session

Our team of global mentors get savvy with founder from Savvy Script Publishing. Join Miki Isaac Boyd and discover what it takes to build a startup to go global as she looks to create her business into a scalable business.

If you want entertainment just get Miki to come on your show She’s great fun to chat with and so honest about her journey as an entrepreneur.

I know you will enjoy this Fireside chat / Live Mentoring Session with Miki and some of our SandTracks CLUB Global Mentors May King Tsang and our Jono Brake.

Having known Miki for some time now, I am always inspired by her passion and creativity. Certainly, her ability to adapt to change quickly is one of her superpowers as is her open and fun-loving personality.

Throughout 2020 she has definitely had to move and shake to adapt to the changes. Changes in the market, change in technology, move more vigilant towards being present online.

Confessions of an Entrepreneur

You will be very surprised and shocked to hear Miki biggest confessions and how it has stopped her from moving forward!

The confessions of an entrepreneur are myriad, not just from Miki but from Jono and Mayking and myself included.

As entrepreneurs, we have all made the mistake.  But as you will see, having mentors help you to push through is clearly seen in this Live mentoring session.

Miki joined the SandTracks CLUB back in March this year and since then has moved forward in her pursuit to scale her business globally and has come leaps and bounds.

She shares some really great learnings and what has been standing in her way of creating new revenue streams.

Letting go of the Fear

One of the great things about Miki is her lack of fear. Which in turn helps her help others in sharing what she has been through. You may very well relate and be inspired if not both.

Most certainly we have all made big mistakes but we don’t often talk about it.  As you hear the things that hold her back it might just be that thing that is holding you back or remind you of something that is holding you back. Unless of course, we let go of the fear and find ways to push through the barriers.

In this fireside chat, you see the benefits of surrounding yourself with the right people, when you want to build something great.

These are the moments of truth we all have to come to terms with and Jono and May King help Miki shift through the blocks and move her to a positive end result.



Join us this Friday to see Miki roll out her action list to move forward and be part of the Global Coworking so that you can do the same. What’s stopping you from moving forward?

How we can help you today…

Come and join our Community of Remote Coworkers from all over the world. Get the daily support you need and a safe place to ask questions to the group.

If you want to turn it up a notch than join our Global mentoring CLUB and get access to 25+ Global Mentors with expertise from all industries.



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