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The Investors Mindset

The Investors Mindset

The Investors Mindset

investors mindset



Stop. Think for 5 seconds.

Were you about to click the “Like Button” on some social post
because you saw a curious headline and cool

Were you about to swipe down to the next
interesting post & do the same thing?

Think for a second. How is that arguably
‘minor’ thing adding to your life?

How is that ‘small’ investment of a click
making your life better?

Imagine, instead of spending your time
‘liking’ 37 posts today, that you actually
liked only 1, single, post. And you also
read the article fully. The amount of time
you’ve invested is exactly the same.


Imagine you also downloaded their free

And really understood what they were
saying. And learned and adopted a new
technique or two to accelerate your

Imagine if you chose to invest your time to
learn one, single, new technique to improve
your business or startup?

This is what we call an “Investors Mindset”.

Investors know that there’s a finite
quantity of resources to go around. That
they need to make a choice as to where those
scarce resources are allocated. They know
they have to ‘allocate’ their time and their
money, their IP, connections, staff and
other managed resources to where they’re
likely to get the best return.

Investors also know they can’t be all things
to all people.


Or that their money can’t be
invested into every great idea they see. It
only gets invested in the best few.

Good investors also know that they must make
an investment or they won’t get a
return. Sitting and waiting for the perfect
investment opportunity rarely works.

They know that windows of opportunities only
exist for a certain amount of time and a
decision is required.

So, they work on how to make better
investment decisions. They work on choosing
how & where to invest their time & other
resources to get the very best return.

This ‘investors’ mindset applies in many
ways – and for sure, it is a different way
of thinking for many people.

For example. I could have chosen to write
this article from an office. Instead I’ve
chosen to write it on the beach.

I’ve chosen to take my trusty Surface Pro
and all the scribbly handwritten notes &
voice recordings I made in OneNote and head
over to where I get more inspiration. To
where my thinking is clearer. To where I can
write the post quickly & with less edits.

Of course I’ve got a full day with meetings,
phone calls, emails, messages, team members
and documents to deal with as well.

Of course it takes time to get to the
beach. But I’ve chosen to invest my time to
sit on the beach. Somewhere which empowers
me to no end and invest the time creating
this guidance.

I’m investing in creating an educational
piece for you so that maybe you learn
something that makes your business & life
better than it was last week.

In my 30 minute investment window I could be
there clicking ‘Like’ heaps of time. Or I
could be sharing something I’ve learned as a
valuable business lesson.

And why am I investing my time creating a
post? It’s because this is just the tip of
the iceberg to all sorts of other business
growth guidance we’ve learned over the past
35 years in the business world.

Because if you like this tip then you’ll
probably also download our 50 page eBook
‘The First 100 Days’ to get the other 12
tips. And if you think our stuff helps you
create a better business faster & easier
then you’ll probably want more of it and
join our Innovation Hub, and share it with
your friends & colleagues.

And we love helping innovative businesses
boom. It rocks our world.

Now, of course I could go back to the old
ways. Of spending 2 hours a day clicking
‘Like’ everywhere and hoping me friends
appreciate my support.

Or I could consciously choose to invest in
making my life & business better.



The First 100 Days eBook is available at First 100 Days