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Rapid Results With LinkedIn Expert Shelley Hutchinson

LinkedIn Expert from the UK…

Fireside Chat with LinkedIn Expert Shelley Hutchinson

Join the Team here at Business in Bare Feet and Special Guest LinkedIn expert Shelly Hutchinson to learn more about why LinkedIn is good for business.

You might be active on LinkedIn but are you using it effectively?

If you are like me you are active on LinkedIn but you are not using it to your full advantage.

You have a huge network but you have never used it to get leads.

You post but you are not getting the results or interaction.

I know because I am that person too. So we asked LinkedIn expert Shelley Hutchinson to Share a little bit about her journey as an entrepreneur and to share some of her expertise about LinkedIn. And more importantly how we can understand better the advantage that using LinkedIn can give us as a business.

Shelley also shares why it’s a much more effective and cheaper way to get clients than other platforms.

As a business owner, you have to test markets and use different platforms to reach your different ideal Client aviators. I this interview that goes for about an hour Shelley shares what is working now and why.

So I joined her 5-day challenge to see what it was all about. And the results were amazing. She really knows her stuff.

Shelley shares so really practical how to’s and information that even if you are active on LinkedIn you need to listen to what she says in this interview. It will change the way you use the platform. Not only will it help you understand more but change the way you interact and post.


Join us…

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What do you need now?

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