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Get Real With Startup Lawyer Teodora Donkin

Fireside Chat – with Startup Lawyer Teodora Donkin

Each week the team at Business in Bare Feet roll out a number of events and are very fortunate to have such an incredible line up of Entrepreneurs doing great things to share with you.

This week we had a great chat with Startup Lawyer Teodora Donkin from Sofia Bulgaria. She’s full of beans and so passionate about what she does it’s just a pleasure to interview her and hear her story as to how she helps startups.

Teddy, as Teodora Donkin likes to be known, is based in Sofia and has set up her office in a coworking space in town. This is a very clever move because that is where her clients need her the most at the very cool Coworking space called Work and Share coworking the perfect name for a coworking space.

Our team at Business in Bare Feet met Teodora “Teddy” while in Blagravade Bulgaria while mentoring at the Startup weekend at the American Unversity of Bulgaria. We were all there mentoring for Startup Blagoevad for Tech Stars Startup Weekend volunteering and spending the weekend with us helping all the teams.

It has been a year almost the month since that startup weekend and we are so excited to do this Fireside chat with Teddy, we made so many great people from that experience including ‘Teddy”.  Just as she mentions in the interview at how impressed she was, as were we, with the calibre of ideas and implementation over that startup weekend. It was truly remarkable what the teams and the organisers achieved.

Some things we cover in this Fireside Chat:

  • How can a startup Lawyer help startups?
  • Mistakes that can be made by startups
  • The future of Bulgarian startups
  • Building a global business
  • Understanding how governments can slow things down and what to be aware of to keep going

We are also lucky enough to have Teodora join us not only for the day in the great fireside chat filled with great tips for startups and the mistakes that can be made as a startup.

#givefirst attitude

Teddy also volunteers her time as a mentor at the SandTracks CLUB with a team of Global mentors from various expertise who give their time to help startups and founder and businesses via the group mentoring platform at SandTracks.co to take their business global. She is one of about 25+ global mentors who group mentor at the CLUB.

What is unique about Teddy is her passion for helping startups, her passion for creating a niche and her desire to help.

Footprints to follow from the experts

We put together a 3-minute video of tips and takeaways to prompt you with some things to think about. As always we recommend watching the full interview as you will get the best takeaways yourself. Why? Because you will only hear what is relevant to you and your circumstances. Check out the full interview and get your own little bits of gold form it according to you.

We are here for you…

Every week we run a number of online events for our Community and CLUB Members at SandTracks run by the Business in Bare Feet team. We are a global team, based in the USA ( Jono Brake) and Europe (Linda & Mark) with a strong Australian connection, as that is our original homeland. The rest of our Global Mentoring team are based in Australia, Africa, Germany, Poland, UK, CA USA, Kentucky USA, Spain, Argentina, France, Bulgaria so you can have a wide view of business in the world in all areas of expertise.

Come and join in our community at our free Remote CoWorking!

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