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Fireside Chat With FOMO Creator MayKing – How To Become An Influencer

FOMO Creator is that a thing?

The easy answer is Yes! It’s definitely a thing so we interviewed MayKing Tsang to find out more. Entrepreneur FOMO Creator and TEAriffic Global Mentor at SandTracks MayKing is your girl for Creating FOMO in your business. This is a super fun interview with MayKing.

After having to reinvent herself after a marriage breakdown and moved country from Australia back to the UK  Mayking is a mover and shaker. She will tell you herself it’s not been an easy journey that is for sure but this little dynamo hits the ground running, creating FOMO for businesses all over the world.

Jono and Mark and I (supporting in the background tweeting and sharing the event as it happens live) Were so thrilled to interview Mayking not just because of her incredible energy by she just gives so much and never stops giving.

So tune in for this fantastic video where Maykings shares her journey and gives so many tips you’ll have to watch to take it all in.

Here is what we cover in this awesome chat:

  • How to create FOMO
  • Reinventing yourself is possible
  • Using social media to build a business
  • Why marketing is not all about you
  • Creating content for the lurkers!
  • Mistakes we make on social
  • Why it’s about making an impact
  • Why consistency works
  • What is good content
  • Why branding matter’s
  • Why the question ‘How can I help’ for creating content
  • Why you should create your own Truman show
See this really super fun fireside chat with Mayking

We put together some Tips & Takeaways for you but you will pick up some much on how to create FOMO that it is really worth the time. You can also see how to contact Mayking from the Tips & Takeaways.

Tips & Takeaways from Mayking

We hope that you get a little FOMO watching this and connect with MayKing on social. We would love to hear your takeaways from this fireside chat with Mayking so leave a comment.  I am sure you have a lot to do after listening to this chat and are able to put some of it into action.

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By Linda McCall

Mentor and Sandtracks Community Manager.

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