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Key Partners, Activities & Resources – Mentoring Moments #7.21

Mentoring Moments #7.21 

Every week Jono Brake our Executive Coach goes live with business snippets for regional entrepreneur, founder and hubs to support them and guide founders to travel the ever-shifting sands of an entrepreneurs journey. This week he takes you through Key Partner, Activities and Resources and what it means for you in your business.

As you will see Jono continues the break down of the Business Model Canvas that startups use to understand the moving parts of their business. This relates to all size business, even if you are an established business the business model canvas can help you, specifically if you are going through a lot of change at present.

We create all of the work we do here to help you grow globally. To create something that makes that helps you connect and collaborate and to help each other.

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Tips & Takeaway’s

Below we have also created for you the tips and takeaways so that you can use these tips in your business today.

We hope you enjoy all the tips and takeaways and use them in your business today. Come and join our community and we look forward to serving you and helping you navigate the ever-shifting sands of your beautiful business.

Adventure on!


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