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It’s Ok To Wear More Than One Hat As An Entrepreneur (Sometimes) – Part One

What if you’re an entrepreneur that thrives wearing many hats?

I have always wondered how many successful entrepreneurs (not all) often have a few things on the go at once. Multiple businesses, lots of ideas, attracting great people.

Tonight I had the pleasure of chatting with a mate from Australia who has been a very successful entrepreneur in both Australia and on other continents and fits the bill in my opinion of being one of these entrepreneurs.

As I have watched this guy work with relentless energy, extreme positivity and obviously work very hard I have wondered “how does he do it and still come up loving a full life?”. Top this off he is also married and a dad.

There were many things that struck me about this conversation. I want to share a few with you here.


So I just had to ask him what is secret was. No surprise purpose and passion came into it. In fact, it was a big piece of the equation, and he kept coming back to knowing his purpose.


Take time to really discover your purpose, why you exist, what you value and what the vision is for your business.

Understand The Part Of The Business You Really Love

Naturally, if you know the parts of a business you really love you can focus there and hire around you to play to your strengths. Of course, you need to know business, but there are areas that don’t energize you (frankly you’re not good at) that others are.

In his case, it was understanding the product in detail, the supply chain end to end, and building out supreme quality and service.


take time to think about what you are passionate about, make a list and figure how to do that and that alone in your business.

Enable Others To Do A Great Job

This is a common key I see in leadership but to help you do more, more effectively, there is something in this. We need to understand those around us, what they are passionate about, what they are good at, and bring those people around us and invite them to help us create a great business. I have often wondered at entrepreneurs that bring really smart people around them only to, effectively, crush their spirits through over-controlling type management (calling it leadership would be a disservice).


Make a list of the people around you, how are you empowering or disempowering them? Perhaps you need to ask them directly

Connect With People – Work with people I respect

Although this came up later in the conversation it is really tied in with the point above. It is hard to enable others to do a great job if you do not respect them, equally it is difficult to build respect if you don’t give your team a chance.

I actually learned this very early in my business journey working with a tech startup in the late 90s. We were entertaining investors right at the beginning of the Dotcom crash so it was tough, but the owner of the company I was working in would always say – we don’t just want someone’s money, we want a partner. Someone we can respect, that shares our values, that will build more than just finances into the business. I have carried this with me ever since.


Who have you got around you that you respect?

What about people you’ve invited into your world that you don’t?

What needs to be done?

To wrap it all up…

This ends Part One – We will wrap this post up with another four observations next week. Stay Tuned.

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