Virtual Coworking
Virtual Coworking

What is Virtual Coworking?

As we do every week from the beginning of COVID 19 we began our Virtual Coworking on FB to support all of our regional startups and founder and now all working remotely. Today I was having a Telegram chat with a friend and founder and I said: “hey, jump on our Virtual coworking and share what you are working on in your part of the world!” he replies “Ok, Still curious as to what is virtual coworking? Does it mean we all work in silence at the same time, my friend? adding a meme!

So I thought, Ok! good question…

Virtual Coworking – what is it really?

We have three events each week that we bring to our SandTracks Coworking Community online Facebook Group.

In real-time Virtual Coworking is Global Coworking online, people from all over the globe via ZOOM coming together and chatting about what they are seeing the change in Business on their continent, what projects they are doing what and the benefit of this particular event is we can help you solve a problem in your business if you are stuck by coming together and sharing the idea, things that are getting in the way of your progress etc.

Jono Brake our executive coach and co-founder of Business In Bare Feet starts the zoom coming Live from the USA Hendersonville then Mark Phillips or myself join from France or where ever we are at the time (Aussies in Europe) and then we normally have one of our global Mentors 25+ jump on from somewhere in the world. We often get people joining us from all over the world, Serbia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Australia, Thailand, UK, Irland, Scotland etc.

Check out this week chat with the team Mark and Jono and see who turns up for our virtual coworking this week…

(check out the video below)

Our team is all about serving the regional founder and supporting startups to go global.

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We have a magnificent team to Mentors to help you 24/7 that you can access 7 days a week. Group mentoring is valuable to help you shop around for the right mentor to help you move toward your goals. Through group mentoring you get to test them as you go them perhaps, we will match up with the mentor you need depending on what level you are at in your business.

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