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Fireside Chat – with CEO Jon Jones of Antroware-Building Software

In this fireside chat, we talk with CEO of Antroware and how Jon Jones manages to build a world-class software company and we also cover Teams and Scaling while bootstrapping. Jone Jones is a scientist by profession specifically Physics and thermodynamics. He comes from a corporate background and tells his story how he found his cofounder and his why he started building software.

Teams & Scaling While Bootstrapping

If you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for some down to earth real advice on business aspects, there is no better way than talking to those who have gone before you.

Our goal is to connect you with great people who have navigated the ever-shifting sands of business so that you can relate, learn and take something away to action from these interviews.

If you have ever bootstrapped a business you might understand what it takes. However, everyone learns differently and everyone will take something completely new. So what you take from this interview depends on where you are at in the business. It is all dependant of the things that matter to you right now.

We are here to serve you as the startup founder to help you on your journey so we hope you enjoy and get something to take away and action today.

Here is what we cover:

  • Bootstrapping a business
  • Ask for help along the way
  • why he got started and how he started
  • The importance of relationships in business
  • What it really takes to build a company
  • Getting customers and the emotional rollercoaster
  • Why you want to stop wearing all the hats when you start
  • The Vision know where you’re going
  • The team and having the right people
  • The hockey stick and the S curve
  • Values and why it’s important for partners etc
  • Not all customers are good customers

There is no easy way to journey for an entrepreneur that is why these candid chats of pure honesty are so valuable. We know you will love this one…enjoy!

So I really hope you had your pen and paper with you our jotted some notes down from that chat but if not we put together a 3 min tips and takeaways video for you.

As always what you will hear differently to others so we would love to hear your learnings in the comments below.

3 mins Tips & Takeaways

We put this video together for you with some tips & takeaways from Jon Jones; make sure you watch to the end and see how you can connect with Jon Jones on Social.

We are here for you…

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