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What It Takes To Build Global Company & From An IoT Expert

Fire Side Chat with Sebastian Cerone

“An Entrepreneurs Journey” with IoT expert Sebastian Cerone

For this Fireside Chat, our special guest is an Argentinian living in Poland from LESS Industries, Sebastian Cerone is

an expert in the IoT space because he builds IoT for farmers.

In this Fireside here are some things we cover:

  • The importance of relationships in business
  • How people always willing to help
  • Why your customer is often not where you live and why it’s important to be willing to search globally
  • Cultural and language barriers
  • Why is it important to be very niche
  • Why different pitches are important for different situations specific point in businesses
  • Struggles with investors
  • How trust is so important with cofounders
  • Managing a team in four different countries and much more…

Tips & Takeaways

Make sure you watch to the end to find out how to get connect with Sebastian on social.

We put together these tips and takeaways for you but we always recommend that you listen to the video yourself as you will always get something very extra that is very specific for you.

We are always here for you…

Our team is spread out around the world which is good for you because there is always a timezone you can connect with someone. We are lucky enough to have Sebastian Cerone as one of our Global Mentors and is part of our SandTracks CLUB global mentors helping startups all over the world.

Our team is about 25+ mentors from all industries so, from IoT experts, Robotics, Social media, Law for startups and much more. Our team is diverse and highly skilled. So you will always have someone who can help you.

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