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7 Powerful Questions to Create More FREEDOM in Your Business

How do you create more FREEDOM in your business & life?

Mark and dakar

Living and working on the road in Outback Australia.

In this article, I will share with you a formula that will keep freedom at the top of mind every time you use it.

This is a FREEDOM Formula. For one it is a value for most people who start a business so I use it as an acronym to inspire you. In this formula FREEDOM  stands for Focus, Reassess, Explore, Energy, Discover, Observation, Momentum. This formula is to prompt you and your team at the end of each week or month with Quarterly Execution Plans. It is just a deeper level of awareness in your business.

You can use the questions in this formula to think about what you have achieved over the month that has been and enabling you to address the things that are not working anymore due to the change occurring in your industry and globally.

These questions are personal and business, because ultimately how you perform is totally up to you. This formula is for you to notice what is working and what is not, personally and as a team. Also to prompt you to use your Quarterly Execution Plan so that you are taking notice of the changes and acting on them quickly. Because if you don’t act of the changes the consequences can be a concertina effect. If we don’t take any notice of the micro changes then we will totally miss the opportunity’s that occur and to make the most of them.

Talking about your month that was and the month ahead with your team at the end of the month can give you a good overview. Sure sometimes it is scary but also by doing so you take ownership of it. The point is by looking at the month that was you can see if there is progress or not.

FREEDOM Formula For An End Of Month Check-In

Use this formula to connect with your team or even if you are a solopreneur it helps to take a closer look at what is happening in your business. But one thing that is underlying in all of this is respect for self and others.

Focus – Look at what you focus for the month is and set a focus for the following month.

What was my focus last month?

What is my focus this coming month?

Take a closer look at your 15 things in your Quarterly Execution Plan for the months gone and the month ahead.

Reassess and redirect– reassess what you did this last month and redirect your energy if it’s something not working into a new direction (pivot) so ask the questions;

What’s working really well? And what’s not working? What do we need to stop doing?

Explore -all possibilities and options. Rather than keep doing what has always been done, when there is a problem make sure you explore all your options, try looking from a new perspective.

What did I explore differently this month that helped me move my business forward?

Energy – Manage your energy and be mindful how you spend it just as you do money.

How is my energy Personal + team + emotionally?

Discovery – Look at what you learned from the month.

What did I learn?

The positive learnings and use them as tools to grow bigger and better

Observe – Observe how you performed personally and how your team performed. Observe results, observe any blocks or barriers, observe goals, Observe communication.

What did I observe about myself first and others? Did you do what you set out to do?

Momentum– keep moving don’t stop you are almost there! Notice the stops, look at your Quarterly execution plan to see what of the 15 things that you had on your list for the month which monthly is only 5 things was I able to do or not do.

Have I got Momentum? 

If not what are the stops?

Check-in with your team

See how your team is going. Communicate, and look at all areas of the business. How is the team all going?  Especially if you are all working remotely and prompt conversation with these questions. I hope this formula is a good check-in for you and your team and just keep the momentum going.

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