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It’s Ok To Wear More Than One Hat As An Entrepreneur – Part Two

What if you’re an entrepreneur that thrives wearing many hats?

This is part two in a discover Jono Brake did in our live mentoring moment last week with Michael Datta from Bare Coffee. See Part One Here


I have always wondered how many successful entrepreneurs (not all) often have a few startups on the go at once. Multiple businesses, lots of ideas, attracting great people.

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with a mate from Australia who has been a very successful entrepreneur in both Australia and on other continents and fits the bill in my opinion of being one of these entrepreneurs.

As I have watched this guy work with relentless energy, extreme positivity and obviously work very hard I have wondered “how does he do it and still come up loving a full life?”. Top this off he is also married and a dad.

There were many things that struck me about this conversation.


So I just had to ask him what is secret was. No surprise purpose and passion came into it. In fact, it was a big piece of the equation, and he kept coming back to knowing his purpose.

This was a key fundamental that underpinned ALL the other aspects of being a multiple-entrepreneur successfully.

Consistent Rhythms and Routines

I spend a lot of time with business leaders I coach helping them work through great rhythms and routines. These will be personal and business, and might include, leadership, physical, interpersonal, financial and even spiritual.

I have a client that refers to their leadership rhythms as zones of control – not tactical but chronological. There are things I need to lead daily, weekly and monthly and I need to know how to do that.


Can you account for your rhythms and routines? Would your team, life partner or anyone close to you back up your story?

Create A Healthy Tension

We are so geared today to avoid stress and move towards pleasure. “Do what feels good for you” but we miss the importance of creating a healthy tension.

This plays out in so many ways in life, in a healthy marriage, a high performance business team, a partnership, investment, general team dynamics. Creating a healthy tension is about balancing what needs to be done, stretching people and also handling conflict well.


What tension might you be avoiding that could be the friction you need to go to the next level? Write it down, how are you going to front up to it?

Focus On Physical and Mental Health

Important for both businesses and individuals. Physical and mental health is so important. The way we carry ourselves, our language and physiology, our physical strength. 

How we work on this is a little like going to the gym, well maybe a lot like, in fact I hate the gym so lets talk about mountain biking, when I started out I was out of shape, could barely climb a hill and had a limit to how far I could reasonably ride (8 miles). I carried this posture for a few years occasionally hitting a 10mi ride but always with great pain. Until I figured I need to get stronger both physically and more importantly mentally. I decided my average ride was going to be 12-15 miles and I was going to ride up to 4 times per week.

Well things changed dramatically. I still do 10 mile rides (time constraints) but come away feeling like I could easily do more, I regularly do 11-15 mile rides and feel great. I continue to push myself mentally having better conversations and trying new technical stuff on the bike. It has really paid off. I now get to encourage others who were like me years back, and I hang out with riders who push me harder.


Where have you perhaps begun to cruise too much, personally or in business? What do you need to do to create some healthy tension?

To wrap it all up…

This ends Part One – We will wrap this post up with another four observations next week. Stay Tuned.

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